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HWA Learning Kit was composed of 12 binary options expert and 5 pioneer students who made it easy for every beginner to understand.
eBook Library Collection

Get access to our entire collection of eBooks that are tailored to make you into a Professional Trader.

Psychology of Trading

Financial markets are full of surprises, letting some get enormously rich while others (who are in majority, unfortunately) lose all their capitals.

10 Rules for succcesful Trading

These rules of thumb are everything you possibly need in order to turn your trading method from sheer luck into a powerful strategy.

Phoenix Elixir

Interactive eBook that analysis your current knowledge of online trading while guiding you on becoming an expert trainer.

Strategies for Successful Trading

Trading the markets is very similar to running a business. In both cases, in order to earn money, risk has to be taken…

Technical Analysis

To trade in the forex market successfully you should forecast price behavior on the chart. One of the instruments for this kind of job is technical analysis.

Interactive Videos

We offer the finest collection of educational video designed to help you perfect your trading skills and become a market professional.



Make your first steps with an introduction to trading.


Take your trading to the next level with proven and tested techniques.


Master the latest tips and strategies used by professional brokers

Stay updated to latest developments and changes.


Enjoy a collection of extensive trading guides that will take you from beginner to educated trader.


Written by 22 professionals
and 8 pioneer students
Includes 38 videos and a 146 pages pdf.

life time access

Average completion time is 6 weeks but you get a life time access to monthly updated trading tactics.


Reading PDF’s and Watching videos is not complete without an expert trainer who would help you out on any bottleneck you may come across.


This manual was not only written by  professionals. (Names listed on page 72)


Elixir does not focus on how to trade on some brokers, Any knowledge gained from Elixir can be applied on any broker.


Learning Kit is being updated with new techniques every month. Access to the Triannual webinar to elaborate on updated contents of manual after the last webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the question and answer section completely before contacting us.

Do you have a refund Policy?

Yes! We refund if your download link has not been visited.

Who can get Educated ?

Anyone can learn how to trade, during sign up we evalute your current knowledge and learning style then assign the right expert to you.

What if i am not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied, which is RARE, you still have your personal trainer which can be changed on request if you find learning difficult with your current trainer.

Can i contribute?

Sure! you can. If by any means you find any error or have some notes to add we would review them and add it to the next update. We also would acknowledge you.

I am not good in English?

Sorry our KIT supports only ENGLISH at the moment, but we would be glad to accept any offer from you to translate to any language you prefer for us.

How large is your learning kit?

Pdf: 53MB, Videos: 5.2GB, Both Zipped: 5.3GB

Yes! but highly discouraged as every LEARNING KIT has it’s owners details at the footer of every PDF PAGE. This is to help us track any copyright issues.


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