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Phoenix 5.0 | Cloud Trading Platform


Trade all your favourite cryptocurrencies

Phoenix Cloud Platform 

Our groundbreaking trading platform opens the markets with top trading tools, live data and 90% predictions using 11 years analysis data and over 2000 assets.

  • Fast execution
  • Risk Reducer & Profit Optimizer
  • 99% server uptime powered by VULTR
  • Available for desktop, mobile and tablet
Server locations all around the world

Years of Trading analysis

Users are learning

Users are Trading




HeadWayAnalysis gives you the best tools to be successful in Stock trading

Up to 85% win-rate!

Many of our users generate up to 85% and more win-rate with their strategies and systems using Phoenix Trading tool.

Easy to use

Phoenix trading tool is incredibly simple. Any intermidiate level trader can make use of it easily!

Automatic trading

Phoenix Auto Supports auto trading using 11 years history of trade analysis data to make the right options for you.

Choose Your Broker

All Kits we offer works with any Regulated broker and we advice every trader sticks to Regulated brokers too.


“I don’t think it is safe for we members to be selfish with H.W.A services, I think they need more members to be able to keep up with the good work other than increasing prices every time, this is my suggestion and I will do my best to refer more traders. you have the best trading tool in binary history.”


Trading Kit

My move from Phoenix manual to auto made me know that H.W.A will soon be very rampant. Auto is so much easier and kind of more accurate. I am very glad am part of this. Am patiently waiting for more functions and stability.


Trading Kit

“One word: UNBELIEVABLE!!! My son has been keeping this away for me, I don’t know how he found about you guys but I must say he found the best thing that has made a very huge impact in our family. We will do our best to put our friends and relatives on the line. We all win!!”


Trading Kit

This is the best Investment I made in my life, Joining Headwayanalysis. Trading has never been this profitable, Storming into Phoenix 4.5 making over $17k monthly. I hope this if does not flop like the other fading trading tools in the past. Great Tool.


Trading Kit

Hi the H.W.A Phoenix 4.5 delivers surprisingly high Profits so far. Just make sure you monitor your trade results every hour. Very easy to use – I’m just a Beginner and already profited $2135 in less than one week.


Trading Kit

Because of your trading tool am checking my mobile phone every hour to know my trade faith and I will be a liar if I say am not impressed! Thanks to Mr Patricks my best friend and neighbour.


Trading Kit


Headwayanalysis is an online platform powered by Dean Philips Technology that provides learning/trading kit to all kind of traders.

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